Our Services

Our Services

Fuji Keizai, the company that pioneered industry research in Japan

Established in 1962, Fuji Keizai is a company specializing in marketing research with over 50 years of history. Some of its features include the following:

1. It is a fully independent market research company. The "Fuji" in Fuji Keizai represents its independence as well as its goal of becoming Japan's leading market research company, which was set at the time of its establishment.

2. It is the pioneer of industry research in Japan. Differing from American marketing based on consumer surveys and group interviews, Fuji Keizai created and established business research designs that could be used with industrial goods. While Japanese society underwent rapid economic growth and the business and market structures continued to change, Fuji Keizai provided marketing services for new markets. The "Keizai (meaning economy)" in Fuji Keizai represents this history.

3. It is a general marketing research company that covers almost all business fields including industrial goods, consumer goods, and services, publishes market research data, conducts customized research, engages in consulting services on specified businesses, and provides one-stop marketing research services.

4. It has trained approximately 170 expert researchers. Since Fuji Keizai carries out the most important part of each research project, it can assure data reliability and follow-up on its research. It also has put all possible measures in place to prevent data breaches for data requiring an NDA.

5. It not only conducts detailed research and analyses on various Japanese markets but also frequently sends its expert researchers around the world for global product and market research as well as research in a specified area. For the Chinese market, Fuji Keizai has established its Beijing branch to focus on the local market.

Co-creating and developing markets with our clients

Amid diversified markets, our important task is to provide information that shows the direction of continuity and development of businesses of interest. In medicine, identifying diseases leads to developing effective drugs to save patients as well as forming new drug markets. Similarly, for us to promote the dissemination of new products and services that help society grow, we must identify and analyze new markets and have the information be effectively used by businesses such that their shared understanding is accumulated to create new steps.
There are multiple ways for new markets to emerge. While a brand new market can simply takes its shape organically, innovative segmentation of existing markets, paying attention to specific functions or services in existing markets, focusing on distribution channels, discovering new sales areas, and analyzing the impact of technical innovation on markets can also result in creating new markets.
We will continue to provide accurate and objective market data that contributes to applying new technology and developing new products through innovative ideas in order to create and develop new markets and business in these markets by working with our clients who engage in manufacturing or provide various services.

Research Fields

1. Fields of marketing research
Our market research covers almost all industries and communities of which some examples are listed below.

Consumer goods and lifestyle services Food and drink, food materials, food distribution, restaurant business, food for specified health use, supplements, cosmetics, cosmetics ingredients, toiletries, prescription drugs, veterinary drugs, medical care, nursing goods, pet goods and services, catalog shopping, e-commerce, and home appliances
Industrial goods and B to B services Control devices, robots, electronic device mounting systems, machine tools, image processing, inspection devices, logistics and transportation systems, motors and actuators, sensors, relays, switches, semiconductors, secondary batteries, touch panels, films, production control systems, and resin and compound materials
Social and infrastructure services Electricity and gas, systems, power generation, renewable energy, energy management systems, water treatment, eco-friendly equipment, automobiles, new traffic systems, houses, construction equipment and materials, HVAC, lighting and light sources, security, and agribusiness

2. Areas of marketing research
Our marketing research covers much of the globe. Our employees travel to target markets and conduct market research the same way they do in Japan.


*Colored areas indicate countries and regions where Fuji Keizai employees traveled and conducted market research.

3. Research categories
We design market research that matches themes of clients' business plans or clients' individual needs by selecting and combining the most suitable research categories from the rich lineup listed below.

Market size research We define and decide a target market in accordance with the market state and characteristics as well as the research objective. The target market may be a segment, region, or the entire world. Research focuses on market size and growth potential.
Supplier research Supplier research focuses on issues regarding manufacturing and provision of services, market competition and its state, creation of new markets, and price strategies. It includes research on production mechanisms and systems, supply chains, and manufacturers' market shares.
Consumer research Consumer research themes include: a breakdown of market demand by area and consumers of the target market; application market trends; market prices; state of product use by users and their evaluation; and promising areas for the future.
Distribution research Themes of distribution research are distribution channels, end user sales channels, price and margin schedules in distribution, sales incentives, and using domestic and overseas agencies, distributors, and dealers.
Product and technology research Focuses on new product releases, product and technology lifecycles, technological trends, organizational structures involved in developing new technologies or products, patents, pipelines, current technical issues and examples of development themes, technical and product development roadmaps, and the impact of new technology or product releases on other industries or business fields.
Benchmarking We study and analyze competing product and competitor comparisons and successful models in other industries and fields in line with clients' issues and specified themes.
Collaboration research In addition to the popular themes of industry-government-university collaboration, corporate collaboration or partnerships, M&A, and business selection and consolidation tendencies, there have been increased assignments on examining cross-industry collaboration and the possibility of new business models created as a result of such collaboration.
Other We also conduct evaluation surveys using doctors evaluating prescription drugs or medical devices, support field feasibility studies both in Japan and overseas, and conduct studies on measures against global warming.